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So Disappointing

My dominatrix roommate is terrible when it comes to her relations with men. And yes, being a hard working dominatrix does allow her to have romantical/sexual relations with men other than her clients. It’s so sad though. You’d think for a dominatrix she’d be such a savvier bitch when it comes to dealing with men.

There’s this one guy that’s slept over many times, let’s call him The Punk. They have sex all the time (no, I’m not present) and she sleeps at his place many nights of the week. On Valentines Day she was assembling a little something for The Punk when I asked her what their deal was. “So are you like fuck buddies/friends with benefits?” she clearly got a bit insulted I asked that and answered, “No, we’re more than fuck buddies. It’s very romantic when we’re together, but we’re not together”. Oh. Oh. That’s how it is? Whatever, the girl was trying to make it something more than it was. She also told me and it’s been brought up in conversations when I’ve been in the room, that he’s sleeping and dating other girls other than my roommate. 

Yet my roommate fawns over this guy. He’s really not that attractive, and I highly doubt he’s even a decent fuck. Last night, the night before her birthday, he was over and she was begging him to sleep at his place with him. “Sorry (insert dominatrix roommates name here), I just don’t feel like it. I just feel like sleeping alone tonight and I don’t really care its your birthday”. Wow. Okay, so I get the wanting to sleep alone part. Everybody enjoys their personal space, and quite frankly I hate sharing a bed sometimes. This guy is a Grade A douche, basically dominatrix roommate was asking for sex for her birthday, and he was so not into it. WTF. 

She puts the name Dominatrix to shame. She’s supposed to be an empowering female, sophisticated, and knows how to manipulate men mentally and physically. Yet, she can’t get her shit straight with this guy. Play your cards right girl! Leave this Punk. Or at the very least, don’t beg for birthday sex. Ugh. 

Some girls are so pathetic. 

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