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The Racist

Last year I dated this guy, very attractive, super friendly, nice, sexy, etc. Even though we had been seeing each other for only a month or so, he would bring me soup when I was sick, and always take me out to the best places to eat. He was a real great guy.

Except he was extremely racist/homophobic.

When we would walk around the streets he’d see certain, typically african american people, and mutter racist slurs under his breath. He woudl laugh, look at me and expect me to laugh as well. One night we were people watching at Washington Square Park, and he remarked on how much he hates black people becuase they don’t speak correctly. I rolled my eyes and laughed thinking he was joking. But NOOOOO, he went on off this tangent on how he is so repulsed by black people. I sat there, shocked. Now here was the interesting part. 

The Racist: Have you ever dated a black guy before?

bitchinthecity: Well yes, yes I have. 

The Racist: (looking taken aback and shocked) WHAT? Are you serious? Why? What did he do for a living? 

bitchinthecity: (well, I really didn’t know to be honest what he did exactly) Ummm, well he was in the music industry or something.

The Racist: What fucking jokes. They think theyre talented and shit. 

bitchinthecity: Um , you really have a problem with black people don’t you? Anything else I should know about you?

The Racist: Well its not that bad. Like when I see them on the streets I want to punch some of them in the face, but I never have. Its really not a big issue.

All I could say was WOW. I showed him a pretty obvious look of disgust and he didn’t care at all. Needless to say, we went out that night, and slept together. The conversation that ensued afterwards was just as priceless,

The Racist: So, was I the best you’ve ever had?

bitchinthecity: Bitch, are you fucking kidding me? Who says that? You were just decent. (Note: I said this with a completely straight face, looking into his eyes. He was actually subpar. But as he stood in front of me naked I knew he expected a bit more so I figured ‘just decent’ would suffice perfectly)

The Racist: Youre rating system is all screwed up though. You fucked that black guy so of course he was your best. He shouldn’t even count.

bitchinthecity: Well, youre right, he was pretty damn good, and his cock was a lot bigger than yours so that helps too. But why shouldn’t he count?

The Racist: Because hes fucking black! He just doesn’t count. 

Needless to say, that was the last time I ever slept with him. It probably was his insecurities of not having a large penis (or as he would see it, a black guy penis). Whatever. People these days!! 

  1. koreankaramel said: I’m honestly surprised you slept with him at all. If anyone is a monster, he is….T_T.
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