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That Awkward Moment When

Your boyfriend offers to be your SugarDaddy
Honestly, I just want to stay in bed all day, order food, have sex, and nothing much else.
Too bad I actually go to school, and I have to work to have money!
Weekend talk obviously. Plus, work is for losers. You need to quit work. I'm going to be your Sugar Daddy anyways.
(dying of happiness on the inside) Pshht. I'm an independent woman. I'd never depend on your money... well, not all the time.
Oh Man Candy. His offer wasn't a joke either. He's loaded, lives in a world class hotel uptown, but of course, that's not why I'm with him. In fact I didn't realize the money thing until much later in our relationship. While he doesn't know my flirting with Sugar Daddies and occasional date for money here and there - he would absolutely kill me... I would mention it to him every once and awhile. Talking about a figurative friend I knew who was a sugar baby and went on dates for money, when in fact I'd be talking about myself. He'd always find the idea crazy ridiculous and laugh. God, I love the man.
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