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Dick Pic

Let me introduce a new “friend” of mine, who we’ll call Dick Pic . We’ve known each other for years now, and he is a very attractive, 6”2 black guy. Though we’ve never hooked up or have never been romantically involved in the past, we’ve always always been very flirty with each other. He’s sent me NUMEROUS pictures of his huge dick. Like I’ll be sitting in class and get a text from him, open it, to find a ginormous picture of his cock. Nothing ever prompts it… we can go a month without talking and then, BAM! dick pic. Lately, like the past 3 months or so, he’s been facebook messaging me a lot, talking about wanting me and wanting to be in a relationship with me. I don’t have the heart to tell him I’m with Man Candy  but it is over Facebook, so he should see on my profile that I’m “in a relationship”. Whatever. I just play along, and let him believe of a forseeable relationship in the future for us. 

But our conversation today was priceless. He lives back on the west coast. He was saying how he really wanted to do this relationship thing seriously with me, seriously. Playing dumb, and possibly trying to avoid this conversation I just answered, “How so?” his response was priceless. 

Relationship wise and you not fucking anyone else. Like, be a good girl in college and when we get home for summer, and when we’re on break, you’ll have a big black dick waiting for you to go wild with.

Fucking unreal. 

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